PUBG Tips | 74 Tricks and Tips for Newbies and Masters PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG Tips & Tricks | 74 Tricks and Tips for Newbies and Masters PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG, or PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds, if someone still prefers a more official name, is quite simple at first glance, but at the same time it is a game that is much more complicated than it seems.

Here are tips and tricks for PUBG, dozens of tips and little-known facts: from the very basics to an extended guide to the game.

PUBG beginner's guide or how to survive until the end of the game

There are many recommendations and tips for PUBG, but we decided to make one useful list, breaking them down into general categories. So you can either go directly to the desired section or view everything.
Before turning to the recommendations themselves, it’s worthwhile to talk a bit about PUBG in general, especially if there are beginners or those who just want to learn more about PUBG.

So how does PUBG work?

PUBG is not a familiar “shooter” for everyone. It's still important here to survive, and not to commit the most killings, moreover, you can defeat without committing a single kill, so it is important to adapt the usual strategy of "shooting".
One tactic is stealth or cunning. In fact, many high-level players who compete in tournaments often rely on boring “cunning” strategies, such as hiding in a boat on the sea and waiting until the final shootout at the end of the round. It is believed that everyone will kill each other, so do not risk yourself?

But, nevertheless, a shootout is a good practice. Fighting in PUBG is quite unconventional and its development will play a significant role in whether you can win the final 10-ke.
In addition, killing throughout the game is a good way to pump your weapons from the usual to the best. And finally, if you are suddenly found hiding in the bushes, it would be nice to know how to shoot the one who found you.

The course of the game basically consists of the following:

  • The first appearance will be on the plane and you will need to choose a place to land. We have put together a general guide to the best PUBG spots on Erangel and Miramar, as well as specific points on the maps. But it’s better to avoid such intense areas as large cities and find a small safe place to start your search for weapons and equipment.
  • Then, when everything is assembled (or when something that can be robbed has ended before the electric field begins to narrow), it is best to start moving into the white zone. You will need to find a safe place to relax, collect items, and defend along the way. At this time, the number of players will gradually decrease until the last 10 or 15 people remain.
  • It is now that most of the known strategies no longer work. Then our recommendations will come in handy, where there are not only recommendations for passing the game, but also important tips for winning the final battle to the death.
Of course, there is much more than the above, with which our advice can help.

Secrets and Tricks for Newbies in PUBG

At first, PUBG may seem complicated, especially for new players, so the key points that you just need to know are suggested below. And of course, some useful tips that will help you get comfortable before diving into complex tactics.

Highlights: customization and controls

  1. By removing the weapon (press X on the PC), you can increase the speed of movement by 6%.
  2. Take off your shoes while warming up! Barefoot running will be at the same speed as in shoes, but it will be much quieter on most surfaces.
  3. The vehicle does not have to be in motion to refuel it, but it is also possible to refuel from the car by selecting the canister with the right mouse button in the inventory.
  4. Pay attention to the marks on the map and indicate the exact directions (numbers, as well as north/south/east/west directions) when playing as a team.
  5. Stay in voice chat, but it is advisable to set up your chat in one-way mode. So it’s possible to listen to rival teams that haven’t set up their chat privacy.
  6. Remember to switch the firing speed using the B key or the left arrow.
  7. There are not only two but also a third type of sight. Sight bottom, the more accurate sight from the thigh (hold the right mouse button - RMB), as well as aimed fire (click RMB). You can also initially change the setting for holding RMB, then the constant switching on / off.

Highlights: Strategies and Priorities

  1. Big cities are the most dangerous places to start, although you can find better equipment and weapons there. For greater success, choose small sections or buildings right on the edge of the range for skydiving or choose other strategies for getting equipment, which can be found in the article on the Erangel map.
  2. The key item to find right away is the assault rifle. In any situation, it will come in handy, as well as body armor, helmet, backpack, and medical items. It is better than the level of these items is as high as possible.
  3. At the start, all doors will be closed. You see the door that is open, that means someone was already there. Leaving the door open is a sign that someone has already been there.
  4. Falling deals damage, which depends on how high the jump is. Higher jump - more damage.
  5. If you are within the shooting range and do not see which direction they are shooting from, it is better not to fall to the ground - this will only make you a good target for your opponent. Better run in a zigzag until you can hide. Crossing the hill is a classic strategy in this case, as well as just driving away (leave as quickly as possible).
  6. If not in a hurry, then before picking up a weapon, check the building for any opponents. A good trap is to throw some object on the ground, and then open fire in the back.
  7. If you fight off many opponents at once, then ignore those who have already fallen. They cannot get up until they are rescued, therefore those who are still attacking are more priority.
  8. Transport will help to cover a long distance, but due to noise, it will attract a lot of attention. Use it wisely.
  9. A vehicle can roll off a hill or explode when hit at high speed. Park away from the slopes and if you have an accident, then get away from this transport as quickly as possible.
  10. Not all sights can be used on any type of weapon. For example, you cannot use the 8x scope on the M16, as an exception, in order to balance. Also, it will not work to put 8x on SMG.
  11. Learn what damage various helmets can withstand. Kar98 is the most common sniper rifle and kills instantly, with one shot to the head, especially if your helmet is level 2 or lower, but a level 3 helmet can withstand this shot. Before you open fire, pay attention to the helmets of rivals, perhaps this makes no sense.
  12. From the very beginning of the game, pistols are almost useless. It is better to keep only one, and if this is the P18C - an automatic pistol that looks like an SMG or so far there is no better weapon. Pistols are also not recommended because of their ammunition. They take up a lot of space in the inventory.
  13. High-level equipment that is damaged protects much worse than new low-level equipment. This can be understood and compared from the numbers next to the equipment itself in the inventory.
  14. Try to avoid bridges like leprosy, even if you really need to cross it to get to the safe zone. Bridge trolls like to sit on them (opponents who wait on bridges to kill rivals), especially if it just needs to be crossed. Get there earlier, swim, or look for a boat!
  15. Try to move more often, even when looking for equipment or relaxing. At least a little. This will not allow opponents to catch you by surprise, which happens often. Get up or periodically move in different directions.

More tips on controls and keyboard shortcuts

  1. "Alt" or RB on the Xbox will help you look around without making any movements - a good feature when you are in an ambush or jumping with a parachute.
  2. You can dive while swimming using "C" on the keyboard (B on the Xbox) and rise to the surface of the water while holding the space ("A" on the Xbox).
  3. You can change the place in the car with "Ctrl + 1/2/3/4/5/6", and with the help of "Ctrl + 1" return to the driver's seat. On the Xbox, press "A" to transfer and hold it to return to the driver's seat.
  4. On the PC, it is possible to select the automatic run by clicking on "=".
  5. During the sight with "Q" you can lean to the left, and with "E" - to the right. On Xbox, this is done with sticks. Use them to peek around corners and shoot while posing as minimally as possible. It is often high-level players who lean forward so that it is difficult to get into them.
  6. Hold Shift or the left trigger on the Xbox can accelerate the movement of the car.
  7. For more aggressive turn-in vehicles, use the hand brake. And to stop completely, use the space bar or Y on the Xbox.
  8. Drive motorcycles in the air while holding the space + left Ctrl combination.
  9. Between a game from the first or third person are switched using V to the PC or RB to the Xbox.
  10. You can hold your breath while aiming with Shift or LB on the Xbox (ADS only).
  11. Follow the trajectory of the bullets during the sight, holding LMB (left mouse button) instead of clicking on it when shooting.
  12. Change the distance of the sight during shooting (if possible for the weapon / sight) using the Page up and Page down keys or using the cross on the Xbox.
  13. You can switch directly to a grenade using the G key. You can also change weapons by scrolling the mouse wheel, and on the Xbox, hold the right trigger.
  14. Medicinal items are assigned to 7, 8, 9, or 0 by default. So it is not necessary to open the inventory every time to apply them. On the Xbox, hold the down key on the cross for instant treatment, and by clicking on it several times you can select the desired item.
  15. To throw a grenade down, hold the left mouse button and then press the right button.
  16. You can disable the visual interface completely, especially if it interferes by pressing Ctrl + U.

PUBG's Advanced Tips for Using First Aid Kits and Grenades, and for Surviving Battle and the Final Ten

Battlefield Movement Strategies

  1. With the advent of version 1.0, you don’t need to learn to squat, since higher jumps have a higher priority. This means that you should switch the Vault command to something other than the usual jump button (spacebar) because there are certain points that can be dealt with only in the old proven way. Learn how high you can jump and use when necessary.
  2. Climb onto the roof from the balcony, using a squat jump, first opening the door, jumping on it, and then onto the roof itself. Great for snipers!
  3. You can also make more complex jumps between the roofs, squatting on railing or other tall structures, and run along with them.
  4. You can shoot from M16, as from an automatic weapon, using its explosive shooting mode, controlling recoil, and accurately calculating the time of clicks in order to increase the speed of battle.

How to get the most benefit from medical items

  1. There are only two ways to recover to 100%. This is a very rare medicine that heals in 10 seconds. There are still such amplifiers (like power engineers and painkillers) that are treated after a while.
  2. Bandages and first-aid kits will return up to 75% health, but first-aid kits work instantly, about 7 seconds after application, while bandages require reusable use and up to 1 minute of time. Bandages are best used in the early stages of the game and in a safe place, and first aid kits should be reserved for the final battles.
  3. There is an optimal way that allows you to get more health from using bandages. When using a bandage, your health indicator will increase jerkily, changing color from red to white. In the third spurt of health recovery, start using the following dressing to make the most of your time and resources.
  4. By the way, when the timer of the used medical item reaches 0.5 seconds, you can start moving without canceling its effect, and now you can use medical items as a passenger in vehicles, but only when the vehicle is stationary (so pay attention when your buddy crashes into trees and hills ...)

Tips for Using Pomegranates and Equipment

  1. Different objects occupy different space in the inventory: a first aid kit is more than bandages, for example. But this also applies to grenades: shrapnel smaller than smoke or light grenades.
  2. You can carry more by putting items in equipment, and load ammo in your weapon. Then they do not take up space in the inventory. If you want to free up space for a fragmentation grenade, then arm yourself with a smoke or deafening grenade. But be careful, if your inventory is full, you will not be able to add a new item without using and throwing anything!
  3. You can return the drawn check back to the fragmentation grenade in Battlegrounds. To do this, open your inventory and drag it from the grenade compartment in the lower right corner to the storage slot on the left.

Recommendations on the battle: how and when to hide or still take part

  1. Constantly hiding and thereby breaking into the last few players is a very good strategy, but it will not help you master the intricacies of the battle. If you want to learn how to feel weapons and fight, then spend a few games appearing in busy places. It will pay off in the long run.
  2. If you want to go your way to victory through tricks, it is best to hide in the sea on a boat, ideally behind a cliff, where no one will likely go looking - this is a good option to avoid detection. With a certain amount of fuel, you can accelerate your movement to many safe areas on the map.
  3. Jumps during melee give a greater chance of getting into the head of the enemy to the enemy, and yes, blows to the head cause much more damage.
  4. If someone attacks you with their bare hands, always fight back. If you succeed in delivering one or two blows to the head, it is possible to win the battle, even if the enemy has an advantage in the form of an initial attack on you!
  5. If you do not want to get practice, but just want to win, then just avoid direct fights with opponents. The basic rule is to enter the battle only if you are sure that you can win it or if you were unable to escape. This rule also applies to sniper shooting - do not fire if you are not sure that you can kill, otherwise you will simply give yourself away.
  6. Talk about the flight. It is easier than you can think. Zigzag if you're on foot, and think of a retreat in terms of deviation from a straight line. You will be persecuted only if circumstances arise. Especially if you are moving in a vehicle, then there is no reason to rush into battle, if you are hurt and your health falls, just click on the gas!
  7. Poor equipment is not the end of the world, so do not be greedy, because the important thing is how to adapt to what you have. If you find only a shotgun or SMG, then it is better to settle down inside buildings and enclosed spaces. If there is a crossbow and a good scope, then avoid buildings such as the plague, and look for a place for sniping. All that is needed at this moment is one kill to get better equipment and weapons!
  8. If you hid in one of the small wooden houses and noticed an approaching enemy, then jumping out of the hut and shooting at it would often be better than waiting. Most likely, the enemy will understand that someone is there, either try to remove you by throwing a grenade or just shoot at a wooden door. Better to take the enemy by surprise.

Tips for fighting in PUBG: when battles cannot be avoided

  1. It is better to spend time learning how to bend or “peek” around corners. Use the Q and E keys (or click on the sticks of the console) during a fight and note that tilting to the right (using the camera over your right shoulder) opens up less of your body than the opposite direction.
  2. If you know that a shoot-out is approaching, or if you have to run in an unsafe open area, use any “accelerating” object. It can be painkillers or energy drinks, because healing on time, and maximum speed can be decisive.
  3. Tallgrass is drawn only at a distance of fewer than 150 meters, and players are visible from a much greater distance. That is, if you rely on tall grass for shelter, then a sniper can easily notice you at a great distance.
  4. Use the Alt key (or hold RB and move the left stick on the Xbox) to look around while you are in cover. An ideal place for ambushes, but you need to be careful because your character is still moving a little, even when you do not move them, which can betray you when you pretend to be a bush.
  5. Medical items, such as first aid kits, are an ideal bait. Lay something on the floor in the middle of the room, and opponents who enter will consider that the building is not dangerous, which will quickly remove them.
  6. Find out which way the door opens when you are about to settle in the building. Hide behind the door so that your opponents need to go in, turn around and close the door behind you to notice you. This will give a chance to kill before they do.
  7. And the opposite is true for those who enter buildings. You need to clean the premises, check everything 360 degrees around yourself immediately at the entrance, and do not think that draw objects mean that it is safe there!
  8. Grenades are ideal for cleaning small huts (if you can throw them in small windows). And for buildings, too, if you think that someone is there.
  9. Smoke grenades are better preserved: they will give out your location, and the smoke works differently for both sides: it can hide something from your view, but it can also be completely visible to the enemy at this time, and vice versa. Best used for shelter or distraction in situations where there is no choice.
  10. Sighting down will be more beneficial than fire from the hips in almost any situation. When shooting from the hip, it’s good to use shotguns and SMG, since their spread is much less.

How to win the final round

  1. When you get to the small safe areas already among the remaining 10 or 15 players, you need to try to quickly kill everyone you see. If the opponents survive, then there is a chance that you will encounter them later and there is no guarantee that they will not try to harm you.
  2. There are two main strategies for getting into the final zone. If you can get there one of the first, then do it as quickly as possible and take a position in which you will be hidden from at least one flank: it can be a small stone or an inner wall without a window.
  3. If you understand that someone is already there, it would be better to wait a distance before moving forward. By looking at the blue circle you can play around the edges of the area. Someone is probably monitoring your movement when you get close, but since the safe zone is small and about a dozen people remain, and you are far away, the opponents have other rivals to kill in priority.
  4. The ability to navigate the terrain is extremely important here. Be sure to study the map as best as possible - our Erangel map, the Miramar map, and the best PUBG guides can help with this - and consciously choose where to go, not by momentum.
  5. If you find a safe place before everyone and have some good long-range weapons, then try to settle on any building that is outside the safe zone (this means camping in a safe place on the buildings, not in them! ) Carefully follow all the doors and windows, and when the blue circle begins to narrow, the opponents will have to leave the shelters, and you can remove them.
  6. Trees are not a good cover. A forest is a good visual shelter if you need to travel long distances, but it’s easy to forget that shelter behind a narrow tree still leaves you open on three sides - and visibility, in any case, is greatly impaired by the pillar in front of you. This is only a last resort!
  7. When the final three remain, and you are not found, then stay there. Do not fight if the victory is not absolutely guaranteed, because the other two can still easily injure and / or kill each other, and you do not have to risk yourself. Opponents in any case will give out their positions in the process, which means that you will find out where they are before the final fight.


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