Ghost of Tsushima - Special Edition | Initial release date: July 17, 2020

Ghost of Tsushima - Special Edition ( PS 4 )Initial release date: July 17, 2020

  • Initial release date: July 17, 2020
  • Director: Nate Fox
  • Platform: PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
  • Composer: Shigeru Umebayashi
  • Genres: Action-adventure game, Stealth game

Samurai, the Mongol Empire, ancient Japan, stealth and the open world - Ghost of Tsushima gives you the opportunity to take part in the battle for the Land of the Rising Sun, as well as see historical events of the mid-13th century.

So, the main events of the game take place in 1274 during the invasion of the Mongol army in Japan, when the island of Tsushima, belonging to Japan, was captured by the army of the enemy. The main character - the samurai Jin Sakai, decided to do everything in order to eradicate the enemy. Even if you need to neglect the code and traditions of the samurai. You will have to become the deadly Ghost of Tsushima and challenge the invaders, defending their native land.  

The game provides you with an open world with magnificent landscapes, interesting action and game-play, as well as a captivating story-line. You can freely explore and move around the island, simultaneously destroying the enemy, freeing villages and civilians. Do not forget about the purchase of new weapons, armor and equipment, because this will greatly affect the tactics of your battle. An interesting feature is that the game has a minimum of markers, which increases the difficulty in orientation and makes the passage more interesting.

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