How to register and play Project xCloud from your Android mobile

How to register and play Project xCloud

from your Android mobile

we will only have to register and request access to the preliminary version of Project xCloud for Android, through a simple registration on its official website.

This is thus a small advance with respect to the date originally set, and which comes as an incentive to help us cope with the current situation of confinement, as detailed by the Microsoft development team itself: « we are actively monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on internet performance, and we believe we can responsibly start rolling out our preliminary version in a staggered manner in the region. We will start in each country with a small number of participants and increase that number over time to avoid saturating the regional bandwidth. "

Although the registration process for Project xCloud is quite simple, below we will detail step by step the different requirements and actions that you must complete in order to access this streaming game service.

Project xCloud minimum requirements for Android

  • Operating system: Android 6.0 or higher.
  • Connection: broadband connection (Wi-Fi or mobile network) with a Ghz band and a minimum download speed of 10 Mbps, and a recommended Wi-Fi connection of 5 Ghz; A Bluetooth 4.0 or higher connection is also required.
  • Others: gamepad controller compatible with the Xbox Wireless Controller system (an Xbox One wireless controller with Bluetooth is recommended).

Project xCloud minimum requirements for Android

First of all, it will be to create  a valid Microsoft account with an Xbox Gamertag,  for which we can use any Microsoft email account, or our old Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One accounts.

Once the previous step has been validated, we must access the Project xCloud registration page , and fill in some details such as our country, telephone service provider, and the operating system of our phone (currently only available for Android). Mention that there is no answer that makes us more valid than another, since it is a mere procedure for the subsequent analysis of the evidence, so it is preferable that we fill out this request with real data.

Project xCloud registration page

Almost immediately, we will receive a first confirmation email, after which we will have no choice but to wait. And it is not until we receive the second confirmation email, when we really have access to the gaming platform.

Finally, we will only have to access the Google Play Store and download the  Xbox Game Streaming App  to have full access to exclusive titles such as  Gears 5, Halo 5, Sea of ​​Thieves, Killer Instinct or Bleeding Edge, among others . But best of all, all the progress we accumulate in these games will be available in the future not only for the Project xCloud service itself, but from any Microsoft console with an Internet connection.

In addition, all those who already have an Xbox One, will also have the possibility of making their own streams and connections with their console , being able to pass the game between both terminals at any time, expanding the available catalog to all the titles they already own.

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