In the crosshairs: Ghostrunner

In the crosshairs: Ghostrunner

Much more than cyberpunk ninjas

"Cyberpunk ninjas" are words with which we can describe Ghostrunner, a title that is about to be released that is fascinating anyone who lays their hands on it; however, reducing it to just 2 words is unfair, since it encompasses much more. We'll tell you right away why it should be in your sights.

According to its creators, the Polish studio One More Level and the Danish team Slipgate Ironworks, Ghostrunner is a dynamic action title set in the distant future after a devastating cataclysm, where survivors take refuge in the last bastion of humanity. Here you play a cyber warrior who seeks answers and is chased by his enemies.

However, the premise omits some details of great importance, since the title offers a game system that requires a lot of skill. If we are allowed to compare it, we would say it feels like a combination of Mirror's Edge, SUPERHOT, and Hotline Miami. Regarding the mention of Mirror's Edge, we refer to the fact that it uses the first-person perspective as the main format to offer us a journey —or setting— as a riddle, whose challenge is to travel it with the least possible friction. However, although many swear that it shares similarities with the DICE game, the reality is that Ghostrunner has more in common with other highly skilled contemporary installments.

For example, it's more like Clustrertruck, a title where you jump trucks at high speed while the stage changes in ridiculous ways. We also see it very close to SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell, whose objective is to reach the end of an obstacle course, again, quickly. It is worth mentioning that this latest installment is known as the bastard son between Quake III Arena and Super Meat Boy.

On the other hand, when we compare it to SUPERHOT we notice certain influences of movement and mechanics thanks to the fact that Ghostrunner has a movement that slows down the character and the setting, with which you can calculate your next movement; We can say that it is a kind of Bullet Time.

Lastly, we find that their vibe is very similar to Hotline Miami in that when you are eliminated, it is possible to resume the action by pressing a single button… casually the R key as in both PC titles. Of course, let's not forget the visual nuances and synthwave hues that combine with heavily distorted electronic sounds and synths, only this time they sound grim to accommodate Ghostrunner's cyberpunk theme.

In this way, the game promises a lot, mainly due to its game system that predicts to be of great ability. Here, as we explain, you must go through the stage at full speed, keeping the momentum as you run along the walls, slide down slopes and walk the stage with as little friction as possible. Later, you even get a chance to use a retractable hook, which diversifies your tool palette and the challenges you face.

"The game promises a lot, mainly due to its game system that predicts to be of great ability"

At the same time, your mission is to evade a mysterious faction behind your footsteps. To help you, you use a different movement abilities, for example, a power that slows down the action, which you use to sideways dodge the attacks of the enemies; However, another of its functions is that at the end of the action the character will be shot forward a short distance, enough to ensure that you continue on your way.

The previous elements are in charge of turning combat into a totally electrifying experience; it is an action full of adrenaline, which reaches its peak when you discover that, instead of dodging the enemy projectiles, you can deflect them with a blow of your sword. Believe us when we say that it is extremely satisfying, but above all fun.

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