Three "secrets" about PS5 and Xbox Series X confirmed by Unreal Engine 5

Three "secrets" about PS5 and Xbox Series X

 confirmed by Unreal Engine 5

The presentation of the technical demo of Unreal Engine 5 and therefore the interview offered by Nick Penwarden, vice chairman of engineering at Epic Games, has allowed us to ascertain a number of the foremost important keys which will be present within the new generation of consoles, Xbox Series X and PS5, and that they all revolve around three big "secrets": optimized rendering, rescaled resolution with time stacks, and dynamic resolution.

Those three points have made it possible for the Unreal Engine 5 demo to figure quite acceptable on a PS5. Yes, I even have said during a quite acceptable way because it's a console that has been classified as capable of moving games in 4K and up to 120 FPS, which some media came to qualify as being capable of reaching 8K resolutions. As many readers will know, this resolution is merely viable in multimedia content and not in games, but quite one took licenses during this regard, which it shouldn't.

Controversial aside, the important thing is that this demo has worked at 1440p on PS5, a resolution that's well below 4K (3.6 million pixels on screen compared to eight .2 million pixels) which also couldn't maintain in the least times. because it resorted to a dynamic resolution to avoid significant performance losses and sometimes fell below that level.

It seems that neither PS5 nor Xbox Series X are getting to be really capable of moving new generation games in 4K while maintaining 60 FPS totally stable, but because it happened with the present generation of consoles, they're going to resort to 3 "secrets" which will allow them to play with the workload they represent and reach levels that might rather be impossible.

Unreal Engine 5: optimized rendering, dynamic

 resolution, and smart rescaling

The use of various rendering techniques, like the division of the polygons into micro-triangles and therefore the use of the variable-rate shader, will help to scale back the workload that the new generation consoles will need to support and can allow enhancing the graphic quality with lower consumption. of resources.

Not all next-gen games will add native 4K on PS5 and Xbox Series X, but using these technologies can make the difference between reaching a gentle 30 FPS rate with native 4K and having to resort to rescaling.

Another important "secret" we've in dynamic resolution, in quotes because it's an old acquaintance of the present generation of consoles. The surprising thing isn't its existence, but the very fact that it's already had to be used on PS5 to render the demo of the Unreal Engine 5. With this system, a minimum level and a maximum level of rendering resolution are set, leaving many intermediate levels to which a scene is often rendered counting on the workload.

In the case of the Unreal Engine 5 demo, a ceiling of two,560 x 1,440 pixels was set, but when the workload was very high, the resolution lowered to avoid a big drop by the frame rate per second. All the consoles of the present generation have used this system, and as we will see it'll even be present among the resources of the new generation.

Finally, we've smart rescaling and temporary edge smoothing, another "secret" that we already knew about this generation of consoles, which are going to be present on Xbox Series X and PS5. what's rescaled resolution? Well, very simple, it involves rendering at a lower level than the target resolution and using different techniques to hide pixels that haven't been rendered.

With fewer pixels to render, the workload is significantly reduced, but the result are often terrible if you are doing not use the right technique. within the case of Unreal Engine 5, reference has been made to temporal accumulation, a way that uses data from frames that are "neighbors" to fill the spaces of the pixels that haven't been rendered. it might work intelligently, during a similar thanks to that which uses NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 technology.

I already said it at the time and that i repeat it, it's impossible to integrate a GPU with the facility of an RTX 2080 in an APU and sell it alongside an entire system of the newest generation for ~500$ . it's clear that PS5 and Xbox Series X represents a crucial advance, but it's already starting to be clearly seen that they're going to not be the miracle that some paint, which once I invited you to lower expectations, I didn't roll in the hay out of fanaticism or whim.

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