5 reasons why next-gen consoles out of place in 2020 - opinion

5 reasons why next-gen consoles 

out of place in 2020 - opinion

5 reasons why next-gen consoles out of place in 2020 - opinion

As the famous song says - “it was a difficult year”  and 2020 receives this title even before it ends. In the gaming industry, it should be the year of the appearance of the ninth generation consoles, but judging by the news , this is already in question. In the article, we analyze why the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X should be postponed until at least the end of 2021 and why it is good!

Now is not up to consoles

But first, on what positions the platform holders approached by 2020.

Sony is a clear market leader with an excellent PS4 and a heap of exclusive exclusivity blockbusters that easily catch the attention of the crowd. Its task is not to lose market share, but with the PS5, as a premium device, also remain on the horse. Therefore, it is secreted, and we still do not know anything about the PS5 - specifications, software, design, starting and future exclusives. Everything is covered in a veil of secrecy.

Microsoft has lost ground and is definitely catching up. Not only does she seek to get even for the failure of the Xbox One, she wants to regain dominance, as in the era of the Xbox 360. Therefore, she did not wait and immediately announced the Xbox Series X last winter, telling a lot of details pleased. According to rumors, the Xbox Series X is more powerful than PS5 and will be sold cheaper . True, we still do not know anything about the set of games.

The aspirations of companies do not imply a game of giveaways; players rightly expected a tough battle for the market. Both companies understand that one awkward movement will shift the balance towards the competitor. Let us recall the reaction to the presentation of PS5 hardware capabilities from the leading developer Mark Cerny - ordinary users did not understand why it was needed at all.

The well-known expression “burnt in milk, blowing water” , describes well the current situation when Sony postponed the presentation of the PlayStation 5 due to unrest in the United States. And then, now America is on strike, tomorrow - Europe, the day after tomorrow something in South Korea or Japan will be thundered. Will we postpone the presentation after with each such occasion?

Yes, the US market is the largest on the planet and Sony is focused on it. But here the inhabitants of the rest of the planet got the feeling that they had been neglected, which, among other things, was commented on by commentators on our website.

We decided to postpone the PlayStation 5 event

We decided to postpone the PlayStation 5 event, which was scheduled for June 4. We understand that players around the world want to see PS5 games, but we feel that this is not the best time to celebrate. And now we will let more important voices be heard

Yes, Microsoft also follows the current news agenda, however, it took a risk in the winter and ... she was lucky, she showed the console in absolutely calm time. But Sony’s marketing department is not easy right now - they have to fight for the attention of the layman with the corona-virus, the economic crisis, protests and other shocking news.

Most people now have no time for game consoles, and the announcement of the PS5 simply will not collect the Sony expected reaction. It is logical that in such an environment it is better to generally postpone the presentation until the moment when the situation in the world more or less calms down. On the other hand, transferring next-gen for a year will not work without coordination with Microsoft. Why would an American company lose its home market if a competitor is cautious? But there is a more serious circumstance.

The crisis in the global economy

It is unlikely that anyone will argue that measures to combat "coronavirus" have led the world into a state of deep economic crisis with the leading economies falling by 10-25% of GDP, not to mention developing countries. In simple terms, this means that the majority of consumers  you and I will earn less, which means that consumption costs will be reduced, which will primarily affect non-critical areas, such as tourism, entertainment or video games.

Moreover, the crisis is just beginning the consequences of quarantine measures will be felt by the whole world only in 3-6 months and the chances are good that they will fall on the pre-holiday season of 2020. It can already be said for sure that the world economy will not have time to grow to a crisis level by the beginning of 2021 and will only begin to recover. If there is no situation in the form of the letter L fell to the bottom and stayed there.

According to the rating agency Moodys, video games in the group most affected by coronary crisis

And this, perhaps, is the main reason why neither Sony nor Microsoft should rush with the release of new consoles. The real madness will be the release of tens of millions of PS5 and XSX in the absence of solvent demand: companies will spend a lot of money, and consoles run the risk of lying on the shelves for several years. Given that companies do not earn anything on the sale of hardware, these will be direct losses.

Do not forget about the internal competition factor - those who still have money for video games in six months will be more likely to spend it on buying a PS4 or XOne, and video games for them, because they are cheaper and already have a large library of various projects.

PS4 or Xbox One aren't outdated yet

Speaking of the eighth generation consoles, they quite confidently digest the majority of releases and do not slow down the industry, which could not be said about the seventh generation consoles, which were already out of work in 2010. Yes, AMD hybrid processors are not a panacea, but by the end of next year their performance will be enough.

Therefore, Sony and Microsoft will only benefit if they continue to actively support the PS4 / Xbox One, and even releasing a couple or three exclusives under them until the economy recovers is unlikely to be a big problem. In an extreme case, they will transfer projects for next-gen to the current generation of consoles - nothing will stop them from releasing them on the next generation consoles later.

Here you should not forget that no matter what breakthrough in the audio / graphics of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are provided, the main sales roll starts only when a sufficient number of games appear. Even the successful PS4 sold in the second or third year much more than during the first. And here she had not yet had time to become outdated, as Sony was going to press her out with the PS5. The challenge is in itself, even without the above factors.

PS5 and Xbox Series X can come out immediately with a revision

Despite the crisis, technological development continues, AMD has not abandoned plans for the release of new chips and the development of even more subtle technological processes, although it slightly shifts the release of future products. This means that both Sony and Microsoft can get chips of a different level in a year.

As a rule, the console's life cycle proceeds in this format: first, the basic specification, and after a few years of its revision. The Xbox One line is an example. Slim versions get the same chip, but due to the improved process technology, it consumes less power. X-versions receive an updated version of the chip, with the same heat dissipation as the original, but with increased performance.

PS5 and Xbox Series X can come out immediately with a revision

If both companies are now engaged in revising their next-gen consoles, then in a year they will make them either smaller or even more productive. But there is a third way - do not change anything, but take advantage of the reduction in the cost of production, as is usually the case with all technologies. In this case, the price of the PS5 may fall to the price of the PS4, which will be perceived quite differently from the “more expensive and premium product,” as was recently announced .

Next-gen will only become more desirable

We believe that we have quite clearly substantiated why the delay in the arrival of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is on sale. But do not panic - anyway, they will talk about these consoles until they are on store shelves. And most importantly, players will long for them, as the inevitable and only replacement for the current generation, the only question is the timing.

After a year, the benefits of next-gen will be easier to demonstrate, and if you can reduce the cost, they will become a full replacement and will not be perceived as an excess. Marketers of both companies will be able to clearly explain why it is time to buy a new console.

Whatever plans Sony and Microsoft make for this year, under the pressure of a seriously changing world situation, they have lost relevance. A new solution is needed and it was needed yesterday.

What do you think, when should next-gen console come out?

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