Bloodborne will have a remastered edition for PC and PS5

Bloodborne will have a remastered edition 

for PC and PS5

Bloodborne will have a remastered edition for PC and PS5

There is no doubt that Bloodborne has been one of the most important exclusive games on PS4, and I am not saying this without knowing it in fact, it was the "culprit" that encouraged me to buy the console, and it has also been one of that more rumors have generated about a possible adaptation to PC.

On a technical level, there is nothing to prevent this adaptation, but since it was a game that was exclusively produced by Sony, its arrival on PC seemed impossible, until now. I know what you are thinking, that we have already seen many rumors and alleged leaks about the possible arrival of Bloodborne on PC, and it is true, but none has had this level nor has it arrived at such a crucial moment.

As many of our readers will know last year, the rumor began to take shape that Horizon Zero Dawn, another of the great PS4 exclusives, was coming to PC, and it has finally been confirmed. The same thing happened with Final Fantasy VII Remake, which will be a temporary PS4 exclusive and will be compatible next year.

Sony has initiated a major change of plans that directly affects the PlayStation exclusives, and which involves converting them into temporary exclusives. This means that many of these exclusive games will end up also arriving on PC, although it will take a considerable time for them to maintain a certain halo of exclusivity and to give value to the Sony console.

Bloodborne Remastered for PC and PS5 by the end of the year

Bloodborne Remastered for PC and PS5 by the end of the year

Various sources of trust point in this direction. It is no longer a simple meaningless rumor, but rather well-thought-out information, originating from various reliable sources and which, moreover, makes more sense than ever because of everything we have explained on the subject of exclusives, and also because He talks about a remastered edition that will arrive at the same time on PS5 and PC.

Shaping a remastered edition of Bloodborne for PC and PS5 would be a very wise move by Sony. On the one hand, the company would rescue one of the most important games from its current console and could use it to demonstrate the potential of PS5. On the other hand, it could also monetize it twice, not only thanks to this "relaunch" but also due to the arrival in PC.

Recovering games that were exclusive on one platform, like Bloodborne, and launching them on another is an excellent way to cash in twice with one game effortlessly, helps to make complex and expensive developments profitable, and also allows you to reach a greater number of users with major franchises.

In the case of Bloodborne Remastered, its launch should take place between the months of November and December of this year. We do not have details about its possible requirements, nor do we know the technical improvements that it will bring, but since it is a game adapted to the new generation, it is likely that we will need a piece of the medium-high range equipment to move it optimally.

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