Review Mafia II Definitive Edition

Review Mafia II Definitive Edition

Review Mafia II Definitive Edition
little respect for the honor of the mafia

2 installments were enough for the Mafia series to earn a place in the hearts of the gamers with sixth and seventh-generation consoles. While it is clear that it has always been less ambitious than other open-world crime sagas, the 2K Games franchise was able to focus on its own to deliver games that they caught with a good narrative and excellent setting.

Sadly, the past decade has not been easy for Mafia. The launch of Mafia III left mixed feelings, disappointing both own and strangers. This added to reports of problems within Hangar 13, a study focused on the development of the Mafia, seemed to indicate that the future was gray and that we would have to forget about crime stories like those of Tommy Angelo, Vito Scaletta, and Lincoln Clay.

So it turned out to be a pleasant surprise to know that 2K Games was still committed to Mafia and to demonstrate it Mafia Trilogy announced. This is a project that consists of a Mafia remake, a remastering of Mafia II, and a relaunch of Mafia III with all its DLC.

While the most exciting thing in all of Mafia: Trilogy is the remake, Mafia II: Definitive Edition also caught the attention of many. After all, this is a remastering of an underrated gem from the past generation, but is Mafia II still worth 10 years on? Were the work of Hangar 13 and d3t Limited in the remastering satisfactory?
One answer is affirmative and the other negative.


Released on August 23, 2010, Mafia II is an adventure that left a good taste in the mouth of the players who gave it a shot, to the degree that many consider it a gem of the past generation. That said, the reality is that gaming has evolved by leaps and bounds in the last decade and there are games that we viewed favorably and that today we perceive with a stiff history and a game system full of flaws.

So going back to games like Mafia II can be a more bitter than sweet experience. Yes, nostalgia can always help us have a good time, but there are games that age worse than a carton of milk, even if we find it hard to accept. Did that happen with Mafia II? Luckily not. Although it is always clear that it is a product of its era, it is still worth it thanks to the things it does well.

In case you have missed Mafia II we tell you that it is an action title that transports us in the late 1940s and early 1950s to put ourselves in the shoes of Vito Scaletta, a young man growing up in a fictional city from the United States called Empire Bay. Although he spent part of his youth on the American continent, Scaletta was actually born in Sicily, but he had to emigrate with his family to find a better life.

Since he is a young adult, Vito has to travel to the Second World War to fight for the liberation of Italy, thus becoming a participant in Operation Husky that was carried out in his native Sicily. In that battle, the young man suffered an injury that brought him home, where he will have to face a new reality. This leads him to join organized crime with the aim of being someone in life and avoid repeating some of his father's mistakes, which led them to live in misery.

Vito Scaletta's decision will make you witness a story of the mafia, organized crime, and treason that is exciting without leaving the mold that classic films have created for decades. The above is not negative and in fact, it can be considered one of the strengths of Mafia II since it allows the narrative efforts to focus on the characters and the setting, both outstanding elements that manage to trap you within the story and motivate you to continue Playing.


What happens is that when you start your adventure in Empire Bay, you will feel that you are really traveling to the world as it was approximately 80 years ago. Both the songs they put on the radio to the recreation of the culture of that time - with everything and its most horrible elements intact - Mafia II is an immersive and entertaining time capsule. For its part, its characters are highly charismatic, which causes the story to interest you more and hit you in the right measure during important moments.

Now Mafia II is a game, not a movie, so you have to talk about its game system as well. In short, we can say that it is an action game that takes place in a city of acceptable size, which you can explore on foot or by car. For its part, it has combat sections where it becomes a basic coverage shooter, but effective.

From what I said in the previous paragraph you can see that Mafia II is a title that plays it safe by following formulas that have been very successful since the last generation and that is fine. What I mean is that, without great pretensions, it does what it wants to do thanks to well-designed systems, effective control, and a style of play that makes you feel like a virtual gangster.

Of course, I do not want to say that Mafia II is a perfect game since it is not and has never been close to being so for some details. For example, its combat system is very simple, even by the standards of that time, so now it is simple and old-fashioned with unexciting weapons and allies more awkward than a stone. It must also be recognized that their open world is wasted by having virtually no side missions - you can sell stolen cars or rob shops, but that's all - so most of the time it's just a highway connecting missions and little else.


It was clear that Mafia II is a game that is almost a decade old from its original release, but what about the Definitive Edition? Worth it? The first thing to clarify is that it is a remastering that includes all the downloadable content for the original. In other words, the changes you should expect are aesthetic and that's it.

Experience has shown us that there are remasters to remasters and while some have done an outstanding job, others are more of a quick job without much care. Unfortunately, Mafia II: Definitive Edition leans more in the direction of the last example, although it is far from a disaster.

To make things as clear as possible we are going to separate the good points from the bad and start with the positive ones. Hangar 13 and d3t Limited worked on the 2K Czech classic to refresh your face. This was achieved by implementing textures that were redrawn, changes in lighting; More sophisticated models, and even animations that give life to scenes between characters. The latter you will notice in the eyebrows of Vito Scaletta and company, which move to deliver a higher level of expression.

The aforementioned improvements are in addition to others - such as a greater drawing distance and more detailed shadows - to make Mafia II: Definitive Edition look better than its original version. Thus, when you travel the streets of Empire Bay or enter one of its several buildings, you will be surprised by its visual quality and high level of detail.

It is time to talk about the negatives of Mafia II: Definitive Edition. Although in many ways it is a remastering with a good level of work, there are many flaws that make it feel like a project done without much care.

What happens is that Mafia II: Definitive Edition is full of bugs. None that are really terrible, but having visual errors, textures that sometimes do not load, and enemies that remain frozen are unacceptable in a remaster of this caliber. It should also be added that I ran into problems such as endless loading screens that forced me to restart the game. Finally, I must mention that users of the console versions report performance problems such as drops in the frame rate per second, but I cannot confirm it since I played it on PC.



Mafia II
is a game that stood out in the past generation of consoles for all the right reasons. That is why it is not surprising that in 2020 it is as entertaining as it was before, despite the fact that it has several details that make it evident that it is a game with several years on it. That's why I consider this remastering a decent way for more people to get their hands on it, although first let's hope that 2K Games fixes the reported issues on consoles.

Sadly, Mafia II: Definitive Edition turns out to be a remaster that is far from reaching the heights of the original. I already said it: it is not a catastrophic product at all and there are several things that it does well, but there are errors that should not take place in a project of this type. Mafia II: Definitive Edition is an acceptable product, but Mafia fans deserved more.

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