Microsoft backs Epic Games: Apple threatens video game development

 Microsoft backs Epic Games:

Apple threatens video game development

Microsoft backs Epic Games: Apple threatens video game development

Microsoft has entered directly into the legal, economic and media dispute of Epic Games and Apple. And not because of the Fortnite issue, but because of the threat of removing Unreal Engine from the App Store and the consequences it may have for the entire video game industry.

One of the soap operas of the summer (along with Trump's blocking of TitTok and the sale of ARM) continues to heat up with each passing day. Apple continues to 'make friends' as we saw yesterday in the article about the dispute with WordPress and the peculiar way of managing the relationship with those who should be its partners, putting the business above all with that 30% commission that most consider abusive .

We already said that the issue of Unreal Engine was going to bring a tail. In addition to its use in movies, software for biomedical research or virtual reality, it is one of the most used graphic engines for the development of video games. It supports almost all platforms including Windows PC and Xbox. that is, Microsoft.

And is that if the Fortnite blocking affects a single game, no matter how important it is, Unreal Engine has thousands of games behind it and Apple's threat to block Unreal Engine development tools on iOS and macOS affects the entire industry.

Microsoft backs Epic Games

Microsoft backs Epic Games: Apple threatens video game development

Microsoft  yesterday filed a statement in the District Court of Oakland, California, alleging that Apple threatens a sizeable community of creators who have no connection to the ongoing litigation against Epic Games:

«Denying Epic access to the Apple SDK and other development tools will prevent Epic from supporting Unreal Engine on iOS and macOS and will put the graphics engine and game creators who have created, are building or may create games with it at a disadvantage substantial, " reads the statement from executive Kevin Gammill, head of Microsoft's Gaming Developer Experience division.

Gammill argues that most creators do not have the resources or ability to build their own game engines and rely on the availability of third-party solutions. And it mentions consequences : "If the Unreal Engine cannot support games for iOS and macOS, Microsoft should choose between abandoning its customers and potential clients on those platforms or choosing a different game engine when developing new projects . "

Microsoft is backing Epic Games for the Unreal case, but it also has reasons of its own to fight Apple and recently it became known that the xCloud game service would not be available on iOS devices for the usual reasons: Apple said it violates the policies of the store.

Something has to be done with the App Store . It is the most profitable application store on the planet and Apple handles it with an iron fist, in the process of inclusion in it and in the commissions it charges. There are few who understand that the Cupertino firm should change its conditions. And if that doesn't happen, legislators should intervene. Separating it from the matrix seeking a neutrality that it does not now have?

We will see. Apple leverages its dominance because the App Store is a gold mine, but developers are getting tired.

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