RUMOR: PS5 will run all PS4 games whether they are supported or not

RUMOR: PS5 will run all PS4 games 

whether they are supported or not

PS5 will run all PS4 games whether they are supported or not

When presenting its strategy for the new generation of consoles, Sony Interactive Entertainment emphasized that PS5 and its entire environment is understood as a new stage that implies leaving the past behind. Despite this, the division knew that it was essential to have a backward compatibility program in the new console and the initial proposal annoyed the fans because only 100 games were discussed. However, it seems that pressure has led Sony to open up more in that regard, perhaps reluctantly, and new information suggests that all PS4 games will be able to run on PS5.

A Wccftech report shared information generated early in the morning when YouTuber Lance McDonald revealed that, according to his sources, PS5 will be able to run all PS4 games whether or not they are supported by Sony. This announcement was posted on McDonald's Twitter account but was deleted by the same user moments later, arguing the respect he has for the developers of the new console. In that sense, the publication refers that PS5 has the capacity to run the entire PS4 library and although there are titles in which work is being done to guarantee its adequate performance, this does not limit that a title that is not considered as backward compatible can be played in the new console.

Although the format is not specified, it is almost certain that the reference is around discs, since in the case of digital games linked to a user account there would be more control by Sony to allow or limit their use in PS5, although it should not be ruled out that it can happen with a Blu-ray given the online verification process that has become common in recent generation consoles.

Obviously, this has not been confirmed by Sony and should be taken with reserve until the company makes official what will happen with the backward compatibility between PS5 and PS4. In this regard, it should be noted that this issue has given much to talk about among the community since it is considered that this feature should be normal for new hardware.

What do you think about Sony's stance on backward compatibility? Do you agree with a generation being cut off to make way for another? Tell us in the comments.

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