Sony Handycam 4K AX43, review: Create without limits

 Sony Handycam 4K AX43, review: Create without limits

Sony Handycam 4K AX43, review: Create without limits

It may seem that the mobile supplies everything for content creators (YouTubers or Instagrammers), but the reality is that if what matters is that the image and sound ahead of a video camera, a mobile has nothing to try to. Sony recently introduced its 4K Handycam AX43, a compact video camera that creates professional production and therefore the ability to simply create and share videos within everyone's reach.

Compared to a camera, this Sony Handycam offers the simplest quality in both video and photos. Fast intelligent autofocus and a classy integrated multi-capsule microphone, plus powerful in-camera video processing, make it a compact all-rounder for content creation.

Sony Handycam 4K AX43 Specifications :

  • Optical Balance: SteadyShot with 5-axis Active mode
  • Recording: 4K Ultra HD (3840 × 2160)
  • Lens: ZEISS Vario Sonnar T 26.8mm wide-angle
  • Zoom: 20x optical sharp image with 20x / 40x 4K / HD
  • Optical Zoom: 20x
  • Video Creation Software: Highlight film-maker
  • Sensor type: 1 / 2.5-type back-illuminated Xmor R CMOS sensor
  • Video Effective Pixels: Approx. 8.29 megapixels
  • Display type: 7.5 cm (3.0 type) Clear Photo LCD (460 800 dots) widescreen (16: 9)
  • Built-in Zoom Microphone
  • Audio recording format: 2ch LPCM (48kHz / 16bit), Dolby Digital 5.1ch, Dolby Digital 5.1 Creator, Dolby Digital stereo 2ch, Dolby Digital Stereo Creator, MPEG-4 AAC-LC 2ch


With a classic Handycam format, the Sony 4K AX43 has dimensions of roughly 73mm x 80.5mm x 142mm without battery and 73mm x 80.5mm x 173mm with battery. the load is about 510 grams without battery, 560 grams with the included NP-FV50A battery. the planning is ergonomic and allows you to record for long periods with the camera in hand without getting tired.

Sony Handycam 4K AX43, review: Create without limits

The microphone, which records in 5.1 quality, is found at the highest of the camera, above the lens, occupying a 3cm x 2.5cm rectangle. The part by which we hold the camera is rough and is amid an adjustable cloth strap to stop falls.

The button to require pictures is found in what would be the top of the camera, behind the Zoom control in order that we will use it easily with the hand with which we hold the camera.

Sony Handycam 4K AX43, review: Create without limits

The fold-out screen is 7.5 cm and is tactile. Opening the screen turns the camera automatically. The screen is on the left side of the camera watching it from behind, on this side, once we open it we discover the slot for the SD card, the mini HDMI connection, the facility buttons, preview. On this side, there also are two buttons for image preview and also another to modify between photo mode and video mode.

Stability to the maximum 

One of the strengths of this camera is its Balanced Optical SteadyShot stabilization technology and therefore the internal gimbal mechanism that permits you to record and take photos while walking or running with none vibration. This technology is additionally evident once we are shooting with the zoom to the utmost.

Sony has developed a silent mechanism for the system. Two compact, energy-efficient motors drive the whole lens and image sensor unit vertically and horizontally. This corrects for vibration blur on the steer and lifts axes, while a classy algorithm compensates for it on the roll axis. Sony's software algorithm discriminates between unwanted (corrected) shake and internal (intentional) movement. When the angular velocity sensor detects vibration, the system analyzes the pattern in real-time. Unwanted jitter is isolated from the intended motion to scale back the latter's tracking latency.

It also incorporates the "Smart Active" mode that analyzes each frame to further improve stabilization by compensating for 5-axis vibration and is effective even when walking or running.

4K recording with high resolution

Recording in 4K isn't a novelty in professional cameras or mobile phones, but the Sony Handycam 4K AX43 allows you to capture videos in top quality even in low light. High bitrate recording within the XAVC S format captures even fast and sophisticated scenes with complete clarity. The way during which ready to "> we will extract the files to be able to process them on the PC is extremely comfortable, since the camera has an easy-to-use memory card extraction system.

The ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T lens features a maximum angle of 26.8mm for wider shots. Capture different scenes with 20x optical zoom (26.8-536.0mm; 16: 9 mode), plus 30 (4K) or 40 (HD) sharp image zoom and 250 digital zoom .

The Exmor R CMOS sensor enhances image clarity, reduces noise in dark environments, and creates a soft out-of-focus background. The BIONZ X Image Processor achieves more natural and realistic images and faster processing.

Also, when it involves playing back videos, the 4K Handycam AX43 plays back in super-fast Full HD on non-4K devices. once we are using it in playback mode, it also allows us to pick a frame of the 4K video, which we'll see fully HD on televisions or screens that aren't 4K.

Smart focus and noise-free audio recording 

The autofocus algorithm that optimizes communication between lens and image processor for super-fast autofocus and autofocus range prediction that keeps the topic focused.

On the opposite hand, it incorporates three microphone capsules that capture clear sound and reduce noise, allowing high-quality audio recording with clear stereo separation.

Designed for you to speak about yourself

Much of the videos made and published by content creators or bloggers are supported their own experiences about places, establishments, or products, which they narrate on to the camera. repeatedly these videos are recorded on the go while visiting a city, town, or place. that's why it's vital for them not only that the camera is capable of recording without vibration, but that they're ready to see one another while recording to regulate the plane. That is, to regulate the selfies to the utmost.

4K Handycam AX43 plays back in super-fast Full HD on non-4K device

For that, the Sony Handycam 4K AX43 features a rotating and touch LCD screen in order that all the controls are accessible through the screen to vary recording modes easily. Headphones and microphone jacks also are included to regulate sound recording and roll in the hay with the very best quality.

This camera is additionally intended for those that broadcast live video. to try to do this we'll first need a video capture device, it's vital that if we would like to broadcast in 4K this capture unit includes this feature. Once we've got the capturer connected, we must prevent the camera from turning off every ten minutes, in order that it lets us broadcast without limit, for that we've to deactivate within the camera options in demo mode.

Edit and make content from the camera

Although with very basic settings, the Sony Handycam 4K AX43 allows us to mount videos with what we've recorded and stored within the camera. we will choose between the pictures or videos that we would like to seem to the music and therefore the transitions. It gives us the choice to settle on the duration of the movie, which may be a maximum of 1 minute or a minimum of 15 seconds. we will also select between 6 music options, we will also decide that we would like to listen to more, whether the sound of the video or the music.

With the Sony Handycam 4K AX43, we will also record automatically in fast motion and take time-lapse. With support for high-speed frame rate capture, up to 100fps / 120fps fully HD, you'll create slow-motion recordings. In terms of time-lapse, with interval shooting, capture photos of a scene over a period of your time with the interval between photos that you simply decide. The resulting images are often combined into a high-resolution 4K interval video on a PC or viewed with an easy variable speed preview function on the camera.


I found the Handycam 4K AX43 camera very intuitive to use generally. Access to the memory card slot is accessible and straightforward to get rid of, making a connection to the PC much easier. However, the organization of files has seemed somewhat more confusing to me, since it's organized in folders with somewhat more confusing names. Also, the names of the files are incremental and may make it difficult to seek out files if you already cut the primary ones.

I also think that when it involves using the video modes, having to vary the video quality first and not doing it automatically wastes a stimulating time. Also, the standard of the slow-motion mode I feel might be improved.

However, the standard of 4k videos is amazing. The zoom it's offers amazing quality and really little quality loss. it's also a hoot to be ready to control the camera with the phone if you're making videos alone since it allows you to ascertain what the camera is that specialize in and to regulate the zoom.

We can already find the Sony Handycam 4K AX43 available through the official website of the brand, under a rather high price of 750 $.

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