Before you buy: Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord


Before you buy: Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Before you buy: Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Today we're talking about Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, yes you can finally get your hands on this game after it was announced years and years ago and seemingly in development for feels like forever.

 this new Mount and Blade game has hit steam on early access, we occasionally take a look at significant early access releases because we figured they're asking for your money we might as well take a look and give you guys at least some information on the game so this is gonna be a little bit of a quicker lighter before you buy.

Big fans of the series you probably already bought it already, consider this a bit of a primer for people who were maybe browsing Steam and see banner Lord on the top of the charts, that's how I'm going to approach this, what is Banner lord? what are the features ? why does it have a cult following it? and what are the shortcomings of it being early access?

I've seen some longtime fans say it's a vast improvement over the previous war band, and serves as a better version of it, while others say it's just too much of the same stuff, I don't know unfortunately we're not comparing because of our series knowledge is kind of limited, we're not gonna lie to you folks at all we're looking at it from a newcomer perspective, and we figured we'll give that value to some of our you guys out there.

Mount & Blade 2 is a very interesting hybrid, it's part ambitious medieval role-playing game, part full-on war strategy game, it's just a big old sandbox world you're dropped into to battle through, and conquer, and live in, and it's got elements of a traditional Western action RPG, lots of kind of strategy elements, it's all a lot, to be honest, it took us quite a few hours just to get a grip on even the basics if you can tell from some of the earlier footage we captured,

the character creator though is pretty great, you have a lot of options, and tons of sliders, sliders to us mean a character creator is pretty kick-ass straight up, you can even shrink yourself down to being like a kid, and the absurdity is really appreciated but the RPG side of it is pretty impressive as well, you make your background decisions, for a lot of points of your life starting with who your parents are, to your childhood years, up to your teenager years, and just early life each decision gives you a background of course, but also helps with stats, 

Mount and Blade fans definitely are aware of this, plus impressively the character, you created and your parents are rendered during these sequences as you age into the character you then created, and that's like extremely extra, and kind of awesome that they did that, I just wanted to point out little things. 

anyway you venture out and start small with some open-ended objectives the game is managed through a big overworld map, this is where you choose to go to other towns, castles, cities and engage in battles out in the wild, while you do this a day/night cycle progresses, things happen in the world, positions change, alliances change, the value of things change, your supplies dwindle, you buy new troops, and slowly grow out your army, you earn experience through winning battles, and doing stuff, and money through engaging in the world's economy, collecting and buying and selling goods, selling war prisoners selling horses, and also of course doing traditional RPG style missions.

 get a quest from some NPC go do the thing, a lot of times it revolves around defending a small village, and fighting a battle, or just delivering someone or something to a far-off town or city,

that's the flow now how that actual RPG stuff shakes out, I'll talk about that a bit the battles are where the fun really lies, you can gather and command hundreds of soldiers, and you're on the battlefield to commanding them and fighting alongside them, in the first or third person,

combat itself is pretty skill based it relies on directional swinging, and directional blocking, but there's definitely different mastery depending on what you're using, if you're just using a sword it's the most challenging, there's two-handed stuff, so much longer weapons, and then there's long-range archery, which thankfully is mostly straightforward, you're commanding troops on the fly as separate divisions or as a whole, picking their formations when to attack, when to advance, when to retreat, and it's all a lot of fun to set up and see go down and participate in at all, even though it does often devolve into complete chaos, still it's fun it's violent it's crazy, you're doing straight-up battles you're doing smaller skirmishes, you're doing duels, and the really fun like complete castle sieges, 

all this stuff the warfare and battling stuff is where Mount and Blade as a series really shines, do you like catapults and trebuchets and knights and swords and horses, this game has the hardcore enthusiasts covered it's also an extremely PC gamers game

the game gives you the giant world, it's up to you to figure out how to grow your army build-up, and strengthen, and rank up your soldiers learn your preferred tactics, and even get deep into the economy, learn to supply and demand and stuff like that, and then really learn to embrace those changes, and make sure your soldiers have enough to eat every day, while also not you going broke at the same time you pick up special character companions and taverns, to join your quest and aside from managing them you have a pretty fleshed out leveling and skill system to keep you busy, it's arranged much differently than your typical RPG, but it seems just as satisfying also the loot is good, now the real RPG potential is there, the army building system, the economies, the weapons, the blacksmithing stuff, that's a fantastic foundation, 

there are relationships to develop and businesses to buy, and that stuff is exciting, but I hope over time they make it more fun to actually get involved on the ground level, in living your medieval life, it seems like that's what they want to do and I just hope they make good on that promise, a lot of it feels really half-baked right now, especially when a lot of the quests themselves, are pretty uninspired or repetitive, the game is designed for an insane amount of depth from the vast battles down to the back alleys of the big castle cities, 

I'm just really excited to see the developers grow it out, and expand it, and make it so it reaches the full potential because it is really cool. 

Before you buy: Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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it's also a game that doesn't hold your hand at all, the tutorial teaches you practically nothing, and you're out on your own, and for a game like this, that's fine that's totally good, the learning curve of it all and the general difficulty is half the fun, and there's tons of player freedom to control every aspect of a difficulty, including realistic mode, where there's permadeath for everyone in the game, everyone is gonna have a completely different experience with it, and that should be appreciated despite some early access shortcomings, plus it's really only just the beginning, there's multiplayer which I didn't jump into much, but you can have all types of battles and all different sizes, you can also just build custom battles, with a bunch of settings, 

this is your PC gamer dad's history game and it's incredibly special for that, I think banner Lords future is really bright, but that's a very quick before you buy we give you some pros some cons some personal opinion, now we want to hear yours down in the comments. have you been playing this game? what do you think ? have you played the previous games? you probably have a lot more opinions than us, so we'd love to hear what you think down in the comments. let's talk about anything at all Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord down in the comments

 if you enjoyed reading this and maybe learned a few things about the game, Buying the game from this LINK is the best way you can help us out, we'd really appreciate it.

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