How to Use Google Chrome more effectively for browsing

How to Use Google Chrome
You will be having many advantages by using google chrome as primary browser for your search.
I assure, if you can follow the below tips and you can enjoy surfing through net.
The browser is avail to both desktop and mobile versions. If you want to read about google chrome for windows phone
Use google chrome effectively
Chrome Extensions
This is one of the best place to get extensions which can boost your search and to know more information than normal user without extensions. People can use it for developing their business or to make more efficient while browsing and many more other things can do with extensions. There are thousands of applications avail for free and paid versions. You can get them on chrome web store, where you can also find themes, apps and games.
Chrome Shortcuts
By knowing shortcuts, you can reduce your work and can navigate easily to destinations.
Find below table as reference to shortcuts you can use on chrome.
You can find many different types of shortcuts explained on google chrome official website.
You can sort out list for different types of operating systems, there will be one list for Windows and Linux systems. Another one for Macintosh operating systems. I hope you may find the best source over there, rather than giving a list by me. It would be better to check the official shortcuts explained by chrome site. You can apply it on your operating systems and also read about download chrome for windows phone
Accounts Sync
You can also signup with your google account, which will save and can restore when you lost the data with your account. You will be having more security and good filtered results with accounts synchronization on chrome.
I think you got enough information about using google chrome more effectively with above points.